David Gluck Wins Exceptional Merit at the 2012 International Portrait Competition

Natural Pigments congratulates David Gluck for his painting, The Trapper, which won an Exceptional Merit award at the 2012 International Portrait Competition. The top finalists in the competition were announced at The Art of the Portrait conference Gala Banquet on Saturday, May 26, 2012, in the Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel.

The Trapper by David Gluck

The painting, The Trapper, depicts a man David befriended when he moved into an old factory district in Toronto. When David knew him, the man did not have a job or home, but he kept himself extremely busy collecting scrap metal. He is a modern-day forager. During this time, David was rediscovering the Russian painting schools, and his new love for this type of art and his new acquaintance combined to create this painting. Here Brian is depicted as an early settler-trapper, a grizzled breed of men that lived with few material comforts and braved harsh winters to seek a living from the woods.

David and his artist wife, Kate Stone, use Rublev Colours artists’ oils and mediums in their work. David writes about his experience with Rublev Colours, paints, and mediums:

“Natural Pigments enables me as an artist to follow in the traditions of painters before me. As an artist, I want to produce a product that will last generations. Because of the simplicity and quality of ingredients in Rublev Colours paints, I know my paintings will do this. Using up-to-date information and research, George O’Hanlon comes into the business with facts, not opinions, which translates into a product I can trust.

“The lead whites I use from Natural Pigments have excellent thixotropic properties. The paint moves across the surface of the painting very well yet still holds its shape during impastos and sculpting; in turn, I can have diverse paint quality. In addition, because stabilizers and fillers are not used, the pigment ratios are higher than other brands, which allows for more opacity and better mixing of hues with the white.

“I without hesitation recommend Natural Pigments to be casual and professional artists alike.”

We wish David and Kate the best of success in their careers as figurative artists, whom we believe to be modern masters. Visit David and Kate’s humorous blog on figurative art, Painting Stuff to Look Like Stuff.