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A semi-opaque mixture of lead white and calcite ground in linseed oil like that used by Rembrandt and Velázquez. Learn more.

Ceruse White Oil Paint is a semi-opaque mixture of lead white and calcite ground in linseed oil like that used by Rembrandt and Velázquez. It is used for translucent white effects and soft tints when mixed with other colors. Ceruse is made with lead white and medium dry-ground calcite (the calcium carbonate mineral) that has a low oil absorption rate like that of lead white to maintain the quick-drying character of lead white. Calcite is semi-opaque in oil, giving ceruse its soft white character. In the seventeenth century, this mixture of lead white and calcite was favored as a mixing white by artists such as Rembrandt and was known as lootwit in Dutch.

The name ceruse originates from the Latin cerássa and currently refers to lead white (basic lead carbonate) pigment. In the seventeenth century, ceruse designated any white pigment made from tin or lead plates. Later, in the nineteenth century, the name ceruse was used for white pigments that contained lead and chalk.


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Composition and Permanence

Color: Ceruse
Pigment: Mixed pigment (See "Pigment Information" below)
Binder: Linseed oil
Additive(s): None
Pigment 1 Information
Pigment: Lead White
Pigment Classification: Synthetic inorganic
Colour Index: Pigment White 1 (77597)
Chemical Name: Basic lead carbonate or Lead(II) carbonate basic
Chemical Formula: 2PbCO3.Pb(OH)2
CAS No. 1319-46-6
Pigment 2 Information
Pigment: Calcite (dry ground calcite)
Pigment Classification: Natural inorganic
Colour Index: Pigment White 18
Chemical Name: Calcium carbonate
Chemical Formula: CaCO3
CAS No. 13397-26-7
Code: 809
Series: 3
Opacity: Semi-Opaque
Tinting Strength: Medium
Drying Rate: Medium
ASTM Lightfastness: Not Listed
Permanence: A - Permanent
Safety Information: DANGER! CONTAINS LEAD. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. Avoid ingestion and skin contact. Wear protective clothing and gloves to prevent contact with skin. Never use near children or pets. Conforms to ASTM D 4236.

Must be used exclusively as material for the purposes of arts, crafts or hobbies, not for use by children. Utiliser uniquement aux fins suivantes comme matériaux pour les besoins d'art, d'artisanat ou passe-temps, pas pour une utilisation par les enfants.

Always protect yourself against chronic hazards of this and other chemical products by keeping them out of your body. Do this by avoiding ingestion, excessive skin contact, and inhalation of spraying mists, sanding dust, and vapors from heating.

For a detailed explanation of the terms in the table above, please visit Composition and Permanence.


Some separation of pigment and oil may occur in Rublev Colours Artist Oils and is a natural process when no wax or stabilizers are added to paint to prevent this from occurring.

All images of color swatches on this website are only approximations of the actual color of the oil paint. We have taken every care to match the color in these pictures on calibrated color monitors to the actual color. However, because of the wide variance in color monitors, the results you get may vary.

Color Swatch Note: The color swatch was created with a thick application (left side) of color and a tint (right side) made with equal parts of color and titanium white and applied on acrylic primed cotton canvas.

Drawdown Note: The image of the "drawdown" contains a pre-mixed paint film of 6 mils (0.006 inches) thickness applied to a standard test card for the purposes of examining color consistency, opacity, and other qualities. The drawdowns show the color full strength (mass tone), on the left, and mixed in a 1:2 ratio with titanium white on the right. The bottom area of the drawdowns is scraped to show undertones.

More Information
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VendorNatural Pigments
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Size50 ml tube

California Proposition 65: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Ceruse 50ml
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