Collapsible Aluminum Tubes

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White aluminum collapsible empty tube with cap for oil or water-based pastes. Fill the tube with the material, pinch the open end to flatten it, then crimp and fold twice for a double fold. Note: Minimum quantity is three.

White aluminum collapsible empty tube with cap for oil or water-based pastes. Fill the tube with the material at the open end, pinch the open end to flatten it, then crimp and fold twice for a double fold. Note: 621-TBU050 has an uncoated interior finish which may not be suitable for waterborne pastes.

Available sizes:

Nominal Capacity50 ml50 ml15 ml
Diameter25 mm25 mm19 mm
Length (shoulder to end)135mm125 mm90 mm
Nozzle Size and TypeM11 open with standard screwM9 closed with standard screwM9 open with standard screw
Exterior FinishWhiteWhiteWhite
Interior FinishEpoxy-linedNoneEpoxy-lined
Sealed EndAcrylic esterNoneAcrylic ester
Cap Material, Color, and TypePlastic Black MushroomPlastic White Fez-StylePlastic Black Mushroom


Explanation of Terms

Mushroom caps have knurled edges to make gripping easier and concentric ribs on top for greater strength.

Epoxy-lined interior finish is an epoxy coating to reduce the potential of oxidation forming inside the tube, which protects it from waterborne materials.

Acrylic-ester sealed end is a soft, gummy substance that creates a better seal than a plain tube ending.

Closed nozzle has a thin aluminum closure that can be pierced by the needle inside the fez-style cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of aluminum collapsible tubes?

Collapsible tubes were initially introduced for packaging artists' oil colors in 1841. Since then, its use has spread to packaging a wide variety of products. These tubes are used for filling toothpaste, shaving creams, ointments and inks, etc.

What are collapsible tubes made of?

The metallic materials mainly used in food packaging applications are aluminum and steel, often coated with tin, chromium oxides, and varnishes. These metals are used to form cans (three- and two-piece cans), collapsible tubes, aerosol containers, and trays.

How are collapsible aluminum tubes manufactured?

Tubes are not cast from liquid aluminum; rather, they are produced by the process of impact extrusion. In this process, the tube body is extruded from a small piece of aluminum with the round shape of a coin.

What are the advantages of collapsible tubes?

Collapsible aluminum tubes create impermeable protection against light, moisture, and air for storing products sensitive to the environment, such as paint, ointments, and perishable food.

What are the disadvantages of aluminum tubes?

Aluminum can be brittle, and the tubes can be damaged if it is too thin. Collapsible aluminum tubes are easily dented.

Are aluminum tubes eco friendly?

Aluminum tubes are a great choice for lasting durability and sustainability. Their 99.7% pure alloy construction makes them easily recycled, helping to create an environmentally conscious approach to product manufacturing.

Will aluminum tubes rust?

Aluminum doesn't rust. But, it's essential to note that aluminum is a highly reactive metal in its pure form. Aluminum oxidizes when exposed to water, but an epoxy coating inside the tube protects it from water-based materials.

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Collapsible Aluminum Tubes
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