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Silverpoint is an ancient drawing technique, and now you can give the artist in your life the opportunity to join the great masters by drawing with the noblest of metals—24-karat gold and pure silver. This set has all you need to get started, including a dual stylus, silverpoint paper by Legion, and two Tempanels by Artefex.

Posh Box includes two metal points, each from the noblest metals—24-karat gold and 99% pure silver. The collapsible gift box with magnetic closure and ribbon tie makes this set an excellent gift for the Holidays or any special occasion.

The kit includes the following items:

Posh Box
ItemItem No.Description
Silverpoint Dual Stylus900-11DUSilverpoint Dual Stylus is a 15 cm (5.75 inches) long solid metal stylus with a different width silverpoint on each end.
Aurum Silverpoint900-12F

Wide Aurum Silverpoint is made from pure silver wire containing 99.9% silver. All points measure 5 cm (2 inches) in length.

It measures 5 cm (2 inches) in length.

Aurum Gold Point900-12ADT

Aurum Gold Point is made from 99.9% gold (24 karats) wire. Available in one width, the thin point (0.9 mm) is shaped into a cone on one end.

The point measures 25 mm (1 inch) in length.

Silverpoint Paper913-SLVP

Silverpoint Paper first introduced this paper in the early ’70s for offset printing. It is a heavy-weight paper with a sized smooth surface. Due to its dull, scratch-able coating, it is ideal for silverpoint and other metal point drawing techniques.

(2 packs)

Artefex Tempanel9945-11

Artefex Tempanels is a professional panel for tempera painting on an aluminum composite panel consisting of two aluminum sheets laminated to both sides of a black polyethylene core.

Tempanel is 3mm thick, and 5×7 inches, 2 each

Copper wool pads656-7071020Copper wool pads produced from 99.9% pure copper can smooth out almost any surface, from wood to metal. These pads are flexible, conform to any shape, and leave a very polished surface. They are ideal for polishing the surface of grounds and painted surfaces after sanding. These copper wool pads are oil-free and will not leave a residue.
 Traditional Silverpoint Ground550-SPTGTraditional Silverpoint Ground is a ready-to-use dry mix ground based on Cennini’s 15th-century recipe that provides a suitable abrasive surface for silver and other metal point drawing applied to paper or wood. (100 g bag)
 Red Collapsible Large Gift Box with magnetic closure & ribbon finish is designed to deliver an upscale look. These boxes feature a matte surface with a unique collapsible design, reinforced adhesive corner lining, magnetic snap lock closure, and ribbon finish. 
Size: 8-1/2× 6-1/2 × 3-1/2 inches
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Posh Box
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