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Viewing Topic "Calcium carbonate - any remarkable drying properties?"

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Posted By: George O'Hanlon
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Calcium carbonate is not a drier, but calcium hexanoate and calcium octoate are "auxiliary" driers. Auxiliary driers do not induce drying in oil and alkyd paint, but are used to assist primary driers such as cobalt and manganese, to promote "through-film" drying.

George O'Hanlon Technical Director Natural Pigments
Posted : Mar 9, 2018
Posted By: enthusiast
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On some websites and forums, I read opinions about natural calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It was stated there, that calcium carbonate has some drying effect on oil. I could imagine, that it may have something to do with low oil absorption of CaCO3. However when I made a paste from Naturla Pigments Aged Refined Linseed Oil and CaCO3 from various sources, e.g. Natural Pigments Calcite, Kremer Stone chalk, Calcite or Marble Dust, and then mixed it with paint, I haven't really observed any faster drying. It just seemed to me, that the surface of dried layer of paint+chalk was somewhat harder than the the layer made from pure paint.


Are these drying properties of CaCO3 real or is it just a myth? Or is actually the type of oil, what matters? Quoting from Tad Spurgeon's website: "Calcium carbonate -- chalk, marble dust, whiting, calcite -- is often spoken of as a secondary drier. Used with painter-refined organic linseed oil refined, this putty can dry overnight."

Posted : Mar 9, 2018

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Viewing Topic "Calcium carbonate - any remarkable drying properties?"

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