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Posted By : mlaiuppa
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Joined Date : Sep 23, 2017

Daniel Smith slowly pulled back their PO49 until it was only available in their 15ml Quinacridone Gold tube. 

I noticed it wasn't listed on their website any more. Only Quinacridone Deep Gold, which is a mixture. 

I think they're discontinuing it. 

If you love this color, snap it up fast as when the supplies are gone that is the last of it. I've slowly been ordering two or three every time I run out of one so have stashed a lifetime supply. No kidding. 

They've discontinued a few other colors like Cobalt Teal and Cascade Blue. I noticed that Electric Blue was missing from their iridescent line and there are several Primateks no longer listed. I've bought several tubes of everything that was dropped from their website to stock up. More of some, a few of others. They recently discontinued Malachite and Azurite so I was able to get a few tubes of each of those. I use a vacuum sealer to seal them in the hopes they'll store better. 

I keep an eye on my most favorite colors (like Minnesota Pipestone) to make sure I stock up if they are ever discontinued. I am so pleased to see that Natural Pigments has Pipestone as well as Azurite and Malachite. 

Painting in watercolor since 1966 and 2015
Posted : Sep 23, 2017
Posted By : kenneth freed
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I never like to be caught with my pigment pants down. I ordered the PO48 from Grumbacher and the PO 49 from Daniel Smith.

They were discontinued car paint pigments, I believe, and to be totally honest all though they look good in stock, I haven't found the opportunity to use them much. Sort of chromatic glazing colors.
Kenneth Freed
Posted : Oct 16, 2009
Posted By : robert garrett
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Joined Date : Sep 30, 2009
Cinquasia Gold YT-923-D is po 48
they changed the brand name.
Posted : Oct 13, 2009
Posted By : robert garrett
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Joined Date : Sep 30, 2009
PO 48 is available from

Posted : Oct 13, 2009
Posted By : brian firth
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Joined Date : Jan 31, 2007
Actually Daniel Smith also snatched up about a 10 year supply of Quinacridone Gold PO49. They do not offer it in dry pigment, but they do in oils, acrylics, and watercolors. PO49 is a one of my favorites and a great pigment. I have stocked up on it in acrylics and watercolor and plan on getting the dry pigment from Kremer. One thing to note is that there are various shades of PO49 out there. As the popularity of the pigment waned, the manufacturers adjusted the shade to a more reddish variety, closer to PO48. Guerra carries this redder version of PO49 in dispersion which in my opinion does not compare to the golden versions. Both Daniel Smith and Kremer carry the gold version, also they both carry PO48.

Also, luckily PO48 is still manufactured and available. It could stop soon, but for now they still make it. I would highly recommend, for oils, the Grumbacher Pre-Tested Quinacridone Orange (PO48), it has great tinting strength and is one of the best colors in their range and very resonably priced.
The facts are biased!
Posted : Jan 31, 2007
Posted By : admin
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I have some insider information for anyone interested in two particular extinct pigments. They are PO48 and PO49. Which are now available only in dry pigment form. They are both magnificent pigments for both aqueous and oil mediums.

The most important one is PO49, which is sometimes called "Quinacridone Gold." This is a pigment that chromatically shifts when you dilute it. It is, for all purposes, three colors in one. It comes out of the tube as an orangish red, and will remain that hue if you do not dilute it too much. But if you dilute it a little more, it is an orange. And if you dilute it enough more, it becomes a yellow. (I included an illustration of this color modulation in an article on extinct pigments, which I wrote for the July 2005 issue of The Artist
Posted : Jan 17, 2007

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Viewing Topic "Extinct Pigment: Quinacridone Gold"

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