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Viewing Topic "Linseed and Walnut oil shell life"

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Posted By : George O'Hanlon
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It is not necessary to add marbles to the bottle and there is no storage life of these oils as long as the cap is replaced after each time it is used and the bottle is not stored near heat.

George O'Hanlon Technical Director Natural Pigments
Posted : Nov 13, 2017
Posted By : enthusiast
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When one opens new bottle of linseed or walnut oil and uses it, gradually the amount of oil in the bottle decreases and the amount of air increases. Oils dry by oxidation, so as long as there is some air and therefore oxygen, drying occurs, I guess. So, how it does affect usability of oil in long term? For example:

  • I have 237 ml bottle of Aged refind oil, which is half full (therefore half of the amount of bottle is air) and it has been like this for about 3-4 months. The oil hasn't thickened and its color hasn't changed either.
  • I also have 237 ml bottle of Walnut oil, about 75 % full. Also wasn't used for few months. I noticed that a thin layer of some kind of sediment was on the bottom of the bottle. After shaking the bottle a bit the oil seemed very slightly turbid.

I made few paints recently from pigment samples, using both these oils. There seem to be no problems, the samples dried properly. Nevertheless, I decided to buy some glass marbles and put them into bottles to rise the liquid level and displace the air, just to be sure.

So again; what is shell life of oils during long term storage when the bottle is e.g. half full. What are possible changes of quality/usability?

Posted : Nov 7, 2017

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Viewing Topic "Linseed and Walnut oil shell life"

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