Gilding Your Art

What is a Gilding?

Gilding is a decorative technique for applying a very thin coating of gold to typically solid surfaces, such as wood, metal, or ceramics. Gilding methods include applying and gluing by hand, typically gold leaf or another metal leaf, or painting with gold flakes or particles, also called “shell gold,” onto a surface.

What is the purpose of gilding?

Gilding gives an object a gold appearance rather than using an actual solid gold object. In addition, gilding provides a solid, flat (two-dimensional) surface for artwork to contrast with the three-dimensional illusion of space developed in the painting.

What is gilding with silver called?

Gilding with silver is called “vermeil” or “gilt silver.” The technique of gilding with silver is similar to applying gold leaf but does not require the same delicacy and skill as the silver leaf is thicker and heavier than the gold leaf.

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