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Gilding FAQs

How do you seal gilding?

To seal gilding, apply a thin coat of clear gilding sealer or lacquer specifically designed for metal leaf. Ensure the gilded surface is clean and dry before application.

What do you put over gold leaf to protect it?

Gold leaf can be protected with a clear topcoat, such as a gilding sealer or varnish, to prevent tarnishing and wear, especially in high-touch areas.

What is the best clear coat for imitation gold leaf?

The best clear coat for imitation gold leaf is a non-reactive, UV-resistant varnish or lacquer that provides a durable, protective layer without affecting the leaf's appearance.

What can I use to seal metal leaf?

Seal metal leaf with a clear, protective sealer such as an acrylic varnish or lacquer that is formulated to be compatible with metal surfaces.

What is gilding varnish?

Gilding varnish is a clear, protective coating applied over gilded surfaces to enhance durability and resistance to environmental factors. It maintains the leaf's vibrancy and shine.

What varnish to use for gold leaf?

Use a non-yellowing, acrylic varnish for gold leaf. It should offer UV protection and be gentle on the delicate leaf to prevent tarnishing.

Can you put lacquer over gold leaf?

Yes, you can put lacquer over gold leaf. Choose a high-quality clear lacquer that is non-reactive and formulated to protect delicate gold leaf surfaces without altering its color or sheen.

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