Historical Oil Paints

Limited edition batches of five historical pigments

We produced a small number of historical oil paints, packaged them in glass jars, wrapped them in burlap bags, and nestled them in kraft cartons. Now on sale while supplies last.

We'd like to say we hand ground each pigment in the historical tradition, but that would not only be false, but it would also not give you the smoothest paint possible. But following historical paints, we did not add additives or fillers to these colors, except orpiment which includes glass, as this is the traditional way of making it.

Grinding historical pigments, such as malachite, on a granite triple-roll mill gives the smoothest paint possible with such large particle-size pigments. Each color was ground in linseed oil at least four times (and in some cases more) and aged for one year to stabilize the pigment in oil.

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