“Each Rublev Colour Artist Oil has it’s own unique qualities, creating one-of-a-kind results impossible to achieve with other brands.”


Laura Spector began her award winning Museum Anatomy artwork in 1996, which has included collaborating with museum curators in 16 countries while on the search for hidden, stolen, and destroyed paintings to use as inspiration. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries internationally and has been recognized by museums and institutions including The Grand Rapids Art Museum, The Smithsonian, The American Museum of Natural History, The Sovereign Art Foundation, New York Foundation for the Arts, and the Houston Art Alliance.

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When a painting goes missing from a museum it is considered a crime. It is also a great loss for historians and humanity because we lose a piece of our timeline. My process as an artist is to reinvent and replace fragments of history using unseen paintings. My Museum Anatomy work is inspired by lost, stolen and damaged works of art from museum collections.

I strive to make beauty. However, my work has been described as visually confusing, shocking, funny and grotesque, sometimes simultaneously. These descriptions are unavoidable because I work with lost stories, distortions and memory fragments.

My work is that of a seeker. I find inspiration in unusual places. Artwork I created from South Africa led me to study about artists sent by Queen Isabella of Spain to report back on the daily lives of people who would eventually become slaves. The artwork rendered, prior to atrocities committed, is considered both historical documentation and fine art. Murals I have appropriated for my work from Thailand were painted by monks on cave walls and are rapidly deteriorating due to climate change. And, after nine months searching for museum storage facilities in the Czech Republic, the paintings I chose to reinterpret were secretly stored five catacombs under a convent due to fears of another invasion.

I am weaving together a tapestry of our history as humans. It includes you and your history too. It’s a survey of things, people and their stories which have been long lost, edited, destroyed, forgotten, found again, embraced, re-interpreted and loved.


Each Rublev Colour Artist Oil has it’s own unique qualities, creating one-of-a-kind results impossible to achieve with other brands. Mediums such as Epoxide Oil and Oleogel have become staple materials of my practice. Maya Blue is my favorite “do it all” color, while Roman Black is my secret weapon that can be found in almost every painting I create. Whenever I’m looking for a new way of achieving an effect with paint, I can always find a medium by Natural Pigments that provides exactly what I need, and technical help is only a phone call or email away. The wealth of information on the Natural Pigments website is so generous and inspiring that I refer my students to it on a regular basis.

Here are the colors most often on my palette:
Ultramarine Blue (Green Shade)
Cobalt Chromite Blue
Blue Ridge Yellow Ocher
Chrome Yellow Primrose
Orange Ocher
Pozzuoli Red
Alizarin Crimson
French Raw Umber
Cyprus Burnt Umber Warm
Lead White #2
Roman Black

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