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Thrill the artist you love with this distinctive gift box filled with all the tools needed to get started gilding. Aurum Genuine Gold Leaf Loose and Aurum Genuine Patent Silver Leaf, a gilder's cushion, burnisher, gilder's tip, and more are packaged in a beautiful reusable box. No wrapping paper necessary!

This gift set will be available only during the Holiday season until December 31, 2022.

The Master Gilding Gift Box has all the tools and supplies you need to work on different gilding techniques including water gilding from start to finish. Included are materials to apply the gilding base or bole; handle and apply gold and silver leaf, and polish the gold. The collapsible gift box with magnetic closure and ribbon tie makes this set a great gift for the Holidays or any special occasion.

You save $58.30 when items in this kit are purchased separately.

The complete kit includes:

Master Gilding Kit
Item Item No. Description
Gilders Cushion 345-GLPSQ Gilder's Cushion or gilder's pad is a flat wooden board padded with felt and covered with tightly stretched chamois leather. Gilders use the pad as a base on which to manipulate and cut loose-leaf metals when gilding.
Aurum Burnisher Agate Dog Tooth-Style 360-BADT17 Aurum Burnisher is a professional “dog tooth” shaped burnisher with polished genuine agate head, set securely in a wooden handle, for burnishing gold leaf.
Pure Squirrel Gilder's Tip 1.5in 703-152015 Gilders Tip is a squirrel hair brush used to pick up pieces of gold leaf on the tips of the hairs.
Finest Imitation Squirrel Watercolor Brush 707-002408 Kolibri Brushes are made using the finest synthetic squirrel hair to produce a brush that holds water exceptionally well and comes to an excellent point.
Aurum Gold Leaf, 23.5K, Patent, Book (25 Leaves) 300-AU23.5L Aurum Gold Leaf is genuine gold leaf (23.5 karat or less) produced using the latest technology and respected traditions of the gold beating craft. Book 25 leaves
Aurum Silver Leaf, Loose, Book (25 Leaves) 300-AUSLVPA Aurum Silver Leafis pure silver leaf is produced using the latest technology and respected traditions of gold beating craft. Available in loose (surface) and patent books and packs.
Gilders Clay 320-GLGL1L Gilder’s Clay is a paste that needs to be mixed with glue size before applying. For best results, apply two or more coats of this solution onto a perfectly smooth substrate, such as gesso. When dry, remove dust and apply gold leaf. After burnishing, the clay becomes visible through the fine leaves of gold. (1 oz jar)
Rabbit Skin Glue 510-21RSG Rabbit Skin Glue is a high-grade glue made in the U.S. of pure animal collagen. It is a fine mesh granular glue that is easy to dissolve in water ideal for preparing size for canvas or panels, use in chalk or gesso grounds, and as a medium in distemper painting. (1 oz jar)
Kölner Instacoll gilding base (clear) 320-IN Kölner Instacoll Gilding System is a water-based, gilding base and adhesive (size) designed for interior and exterior leaf work where weather resistance and high gloss are important.
Horsehair Cloth 656-HHC Horsehair Cloth is a mildly abrasive cloth made from horsehair for polishing gesso or bole. The thickly woven cloth measures approximately 10 in. x 15 in. (25.4 cm x 38.1 cm) and is well suited for giving bole and gesso a final finish.
Micro-Mesh Regular Sheet 707-002408 Micro-Mesh™ Regular Sheet (silicone carbide grit with standard backing), the standard grade of Micro-Mesh used for polishing and cleaning paints, wood, and most metals and polymers. It is used to remove material, produce a uniformly smooth surface and polish a surface to a high gloss finish. Kit includes one of each Micro-Mesh Regular Sheet 3" x 6" of 6000, 1800, and 1500 Grit
Cotton-Tip Applicators 6” 661-CTA6100

Cotton-Tip Applicators are ideal for removal of debris. These 6" non-sterile cotton-tipped swabs are made from high quality hardwoods that offer superior performance. The applicators feature soft cotton tips that are absorbent and won't lint. (10 ea)

Also kit includes: 3 mini spatulas, mixing sticks and cleaning mini brush.

  Red Collapsible Large Gift Box with magnetic closure & ribbon finish is designed to deliver an upscale look. These boxes feature a matte surface with a unique collapsible design, reinforced adhesive corner lining, magnetic snap lock closure, and ribbon finish. 
Size: 8-1/2 X 6-1/2 X 3-1/2
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Master Gilding Gift Box
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