LeFranc & Bourgeois Mixtion Gold Size

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LeFranc & Bourgeois Mixtion Gold Size. Traditional, clear, oil-based size made in France for oil gilding.




Oil Size 3 Hour 250ml


Oil Size 3 Hour 250ml

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Oil Size 12 Hour 250ml


Oil Size 12 Hour 250ml

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Traditional, clear, oil-based size made in France. LeFranc & Bourgeois has earned the reputation of being the best oil size available, and experienced gilders request LeFranc for their most important projects. LeFranc size has superior leveling properties and the most predictable characteristics.

The open time for gilding with metal leaf may be less since metal leaf is heavier. Allow the gilded surface to cure one week before sealing or glazing. Always stir LeFranc size before use. The driers in LeFranc size settle to the bottom of the container and must be stirred to produce a blended product.

Oil-Based Gold Sizes

LeFranc 12-Hour No-Lead Size

LeFranc 3-Hour No-Lead Size

The time indicated on the gold size represents the time interval between the application of the gold size and of the gold leaf. This interval may vary according to climatic conditions. For instance, if the weather is dry, the gold leaf may be applied 1 or 2 hours ahead of the time indicated on the gold size. The gold leaf may be applied 1 to 1 1/2 hours after the time indicated on the gold size.

Descriptions and Properties

LeFranc 12-Hour No-Lead Size

LeFranc 12 Hour No-Lead Size, the newly formulated CHARBONNEL MIXTION A DORER 12H SANS PLOMB, replaces the traditional 12 Hour gilding size used widely by gilders. Preliminary reports indicate 12 Hour no-lead will reach a gilding tack overnight and has a long open time for gilding. Please note the formula for this new product is different from the no-lead material introduced earlier, our product codes are 12N/L & 12N/500, and we strongly suggest gilders experiment with this as they would any new product to determine results. LeFranc 3-Hour Size is suitable for both interior and exterior work. It reaches tack in 3 hours and will remain open for gilding for 3 hours or longer. Allow the gilded surface to cure for a week if it is to be covered with a sealer.

LeFranc 3-Hour No-Lead Size

LeFranc 3-Hour No-Lead Size is ready to gild sooner than the 12-hour size, while the 12-hour size has a longer open time. Oil sizes are ready to gild when your knuckle taps the surface without disturbing the size or coming away with residue. Oil sizes may be thinned up to 10 percent with mineral spirits. If thinned, the drying time may be reduced. A soft hair brush will produce a smooth, even surface. Brushes are best cleaned with mineral spirits.

Uses of Gold Size

The choice of Gold size will depend on the work to be done, the weather conditions, and the place it is used. These gold sizes will withstand temperatures as low as –5°C. Contrary to what may be expected, gilding with gold size proves faster and easier than water-based gilding on clay bases.

  • Lefranc 12-hour Gold Size is most suited to use on large surfaces and outdoor work in fairly dry climatic conditions where dust is not too prevalent. The 12-hour Gold Size will give a better finish than the 3-hour Gold Size (shine and depth) and will also wear better over time (more resistant surface).

  • Lefranc 3-hour Gold Size is most suited to use on smaller surfaces, indoor work, or any application where the 12-hour Gold Size cannot be used (humid or very dusty environment).

Never burnish gold leaf applied with a gold size. Given the suppleness of the surface, burnishing may tear the gold leaf.


Porous surfaces should be sealed to create a smooth surface for gilding. Shellac is recommended for sealing gilded surfaces on interior work.

The drying time to reach a proper gilding tack and open time for gilding vary based on temperature and humidity. Ideal conditions for applying all products are 65 to 75° F and 40% to 60% relative humidity. Working under different conditions will affect the performance of all products.

All sizes and other coatings should be stirred to combine all components to ensure consistent results. Never shake materials, and do not mix too vigorously, as this may cause bubbles to form, affecting the finished surface.

Use all materials at package consistency and only thin, as the manufacturer recommends.

All materials may be applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer. An airless or HVLP spray equipment is recommended. Manufacturers' coverage guidelines should be followed carefully.

The copper in imitation gold leaf and 100% copper leaf and the silver in low karat gold leaf and 100% silver leaf are highly reactive and tarnish when left exposed. They can also react to components contained in sealers; therefore, the discoloration can happen even after a sealer has dried, sometimes years later.

Since the conditions and use of all products sold are beyond the control of the manufacturers and Natural Pigments, the user assumes all risks associated with the use and performance of products purchased. Experimentation on a test object using all steps involved is recommended before working on the project.

A gilder's experience and a working knowledge of materials and procedures are the best guides when approaching a project.

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