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The Finest Selection of Pigments for Watercolor Painting 

Rublev Colours Cobalt Violet Ultra Dark PigmentRublev Colours Cobalt Violet Ultra Dark Pigment
Rublev Colours Cobalt Violet Ultra Dark Pigment

Our collection showcases a variety of pigments, encompassing natural sources revered throughout history, as well as innovative synthetic options designed for watercolor painting. This curated selection not only honors the rich traditions of watercolorists but also embraces the advancements in pigment technology, offering artists a wide range of colors for all painting styles and aesthetics.

The selection of pigments is chosen for their suitability and ease in creating watercolor paints. Each pigment, whether derived from natural sources or made through modern synthetic processes, is optimized for watercolor medium, ensuring vibrant, long-lasting colors. With our pigments, artists can achieve the desired consistency and hue, making the art of watercolor painting accessible and enjoyable for both novices and professionals alike.

Natural Pigments especially makes Rublev Colours® pigments for artists. Always select the paint category to choose pigments best suited for that painting medium.

Rublev Colours dry powder and aqueous dispersion pigments are made by Natural Pigments. Please read our description of Rublev Colours Pigments for more information. For information about the permanence and composition of Rublev Colours Pigments, visit Pigments Composition and Permanence.

Visit our Swatch and Pigment guide for details on Rublev Colours Pigments images and where to find pigment information.

In the interest of providing historical pigments to contemporary artists, we have also included pigments in this collection with limited lightfastness. Please consult the pigment details for more information about the lightfastness rating of individual pigments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make watercolor pigments?

Creating watercolor pigments (or more precisely, "watercolor paints") involves mixing pigment powder with a binder (usually gum arabic) and sometimes additional additives to enhance flow or drying time. The exact proportions can vary based on desired consistency and pigment properties.

Can I mix mica powder with watercolor paint?

Yes, you can mix mica powder with watercolor paint to create shimmering effects. However, mica's particle size and weight can affect the paint's flow and drying properties, so experimentation is recommended to achieve the desired effect. There is confusion about the differences between mica and so-called "mica powder". What many refer to as mica-powder is mica that has been specially treated with layers of pigment to create special effects or iridescent pigments. Mica, on the other hand, is either a natural or a synthetic mineral that has a lamellar or flat shape, making it ideal for use in special effects pigments.

Are pigments and mica powder the same thing?

No, pigments and mica powder are different. Pigments provide color from natural or synthetic sources, while mica powder is a mineral that adds sparkle or shimmer without significantly altering the color of the paint. Read the previous answer for a thorough explanation

What can I mix with pigment powder to make watercolor paint?

To make watercolor paint, mix pigment powder with a binder like gum arabic, water to achieve the desired consistency, and optional additives such as honey or glycerin to enhance fluidity and extend drying time.

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