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Silverpoint Drawing Gift Set


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Silverpoint Drawing Gift Set has everything needed for silverpoint drawing: silverpoint dual stylus, 2 fine silverpoints, 2 copper points, 2 red brass points, copper wool pad, Traditional Silverpoint Ground, Maped eraser and instructions in a wooden box.

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Silverpoint Drawing Gift Set has everything needed for silverpoint (and metalpoint) drawing. The kit includes a silverpoint dual stylus, two fine silverpoints (99.9% pure silver), two copper points, two red brass points (a total of six metalpoints), copper wool pad, Traditional Silverpoint / Drawing Ground, Maped Epure vinyl eraser and step-by-step instructions in an attractive solid wood box.

You save $10.95 with this kit instead of purchasing each item separately.

The kit includes the following items:

Silverpoint Drawing Kit Contents
Silverpoint Dual Stylus 1 Silverpoint Dual Stylus (holds both thin and wide silverpoints or metalpoints)
 Silverpoint (Wide, Dead-Soft) 1 each Silverpoint (Wide, Dead-Soft) (showing both ends of the silverpoint in picture at left)
Silverpoint (Thin, Dead-Soft) 1 each Silverpoint (Thin, Dead-Soft)
Wide Copper Point 1 each Wide Copper Point (2 mm) (showing both ends in picture at left)
Thin Copper Point 1 each Thin Copper Point (0.9 mm)
Wide Yellow Brass Point 1 each Wide Yellow Brass Point (2 mm) (showing both ends of the brasspoint in picture at left)
Thin Red Brass Point 1 each Thin Red Brass Point (0.9 mm)
Copper Wool Pad 1 each Copper Wool Pad
Traditional Silverpoint Ground 1 each Traditional Silverpoint Ground (250 g bag)
Maped Epure Vinyl Eraser 1 each Maped Epure Vinyl Eraser
Drawing with Silverpoint 1 each Instructions: Drawing with Silverpoint
Wood Box 1 each Wood Box with sliding lid

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