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Squirrel hair is an exceptionally soft, absorbent hair. Kolibri brushes are made using the finest Russian Kazan squirrel hair to produce a brush that holds paint exceptionally well and comes to an excellent point.
Kolibri Squirrel Watercolor Brush (Size 6)

Kolibri Squirrel Watercolor brushes are handmade in Germany by Feurer & Sohn -- one of the oldest brush manufacturers in Germany (established 1898). Kolibri brushes are made using the finest Russian Kazan squirrel hair to produce a brush that holds paint exceptionally well and comes to an excellent point.

Squirrel Hair
Kolibri uses the finest hair from the tail of the brown squirrel found throughout the coldest climates of Russia. The hair is exceptionally soft and absorbent, so that the brush tip holds paint exceptionally well, forms an excellent point and doesn't leave hair tracks while brushing.

Nickel-Plated Brass Ferrules
The ferrule of each Kolibri Kolinsky brush receives two deep crimps. Deep crimping compresses the walls of the ferrule into the wooden handle, creating a mechanical lock that securely fastens the ferrule to the handle.

Hardwood Handles
The short black polished handles are made of hardwood and are lacquer finished for long life. Only the best brush handles are dipped. They are made by lowering the handles first in primer, then twice in colored lacquer and finally in varnish -- a total of four coats -- for a lustrous durable finish.

Suitable ForWatercolor, Acrylics and Tempera
Brush StyleRound
Hair Type Brown Squirrel
FerruleNickel-plated brass
Hair Widthmm (in.)
Hair Lengthmm (in.)
Handle Length19.5 cm (7.5 in.)

About Squirrel Hair Brushes
Squirrel hair is extremely soft and more delicate than other hairs. They make brushes that are very absorbent and hold large amounts of paint even without a belly. In fact, the holding capacity of squirrel hair brushes, especially for water-based paints, is unsurpassed, and the hair is so fine that a brushstroke will not leave voids or hair tracks.

Squirrel hair brushes are very similar to Kolinsky brushes; they point very well and have thick bodies that large amounts of paint, but are resilient, therefore lacking the "snap" (also called "memory") or springiness of brushes made with Kolinsky hair. This lack of "snap" makes them less than ideal when painting with thick-bodied paints. However, they are ideally suited for ink, watercolor paint as well as thinned acrylic, casein, distemper, tempera and other water-based paint.

Often squirrel hair is used in the production of so-called camel hair brushes and many other brushes made from mixtures of hair. Squirrel mops typically use squirrel hair mixed with a small percentage of other hairs to achieve the desired "mop" performance. Good quality squirrel brushes are useful for many different art and crafts techniques.

Types of Squirrel Hair
Most squirrel hair for brushes come from Canada and Russia. There are three main types of Russian Squirrel hair: Talahutky is gray-black in color and used mainly for sign brushes; Kazan is brown-black and mainly used in brushes for watercolor, wash brushes, and watercolor mops; Sacamena is blue-black, the softest of all the Russian squirrel hair, and is used for making watercolor brushes. The very best squirrel hair is brown (Kazan) squirrel, which is used for the finest brushes. Blue (Sacamena) squirrel is a longer hair, good for larger size brushes, but inferior to the Kazan. Gray (Talahutky) squirrel is primarily used for lettering quill brushes because of its fine tip. Like the Kolinsky, the best varieties of squirrel hair are from the coldest climates.

Brown or Kazan squirrel is named for its home province in Russia. Hair derived from the tail of the Kazan squirrel is highly prized for its superb tip and elasticity, and is considered the best of the squirrel hairs. This hair is used in making the finest watercolor brushes. It can range in color from black to black with red tips and flecks of gray along the shaft. Brown squirrel is readily available, and hence is found in many inexpensive watercolor brushes. Kazan is thinner and softer than Talahutky and is the squirrel hair most used in watercolor brushes and mops.
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Squirrel Size 6
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