Cobalt Violet Ultra Dark Pigment

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Rublev Colours Cobalt Violet Ultra-Dark pigment is an ultra-dark blue-violet. It is nonstaining with low tinting strength and is fast drying in oils where the cobalt content acts as a drier. Learn more about Cobalt Violet Ultra-Dark.

Rublev Colours Cobalt Violet Ultra-Dark pigment is an ultra-dark blue-violet. It is nonstaining with low tinting strength and is fast drying in oils where the cobalt content acts as a drier.

Pigment Nomenclature
Common NameMineral NameChemical NameSource/Origin
Cobalt violetNoneCobaltous phosphateUnited Kingdom
Common Names:English: cobalt violet
French: violet de cobalt
German: Kobaltviolett
Italian: viola cobalto
Russian: кобальтовый фиолетовый
Spanish: violetto cobalto
Synonyms:Caprice Violet
C.I. Pigment Violet 14
Cobalt Magenta
Cobalt Phosphate
Cobalt Pink
Cobalt Raspberry
Cobalt Red
Cobalt Red Violet
Cobalt Rose
Cobalt Violet
Cobalt Violet Brilliant, dark
Cobalt Violet Dark
Cobalt Violet Deep
Cobalt Violet Light
Cobalt Violet Pale
Cobalt Violet Phosphate
Cobalt Violet Pink Shade
Cobalt Violet Pink Shade Light
Cobalt Violet Medium
Cobalt Violet Rose
Cobalto Violeta
Kobalt Violet
Light True Cobalt Violet
Pigment Violet 14
True Cobalt Violet Light
Violet de Cobalt
Violetto Cobalto

Pigment Information
Colour Index:Pigment Violet 14 (77360)
Chemical Name:Cobaltous Phosphate or Cobalt(II)-Phosphate
Chemical Formula:Co3(PO4)2
CAS No.;13455-36-2
ASTM Lightfastness Rating
Acrylic:Not Listed
Density:3.81 g/cm3
Oil Absorption:34–37 grams oil / 100 grams pigment
Refractive Index:nD=1.7

History and Origin

The remarkable range of pigments that could be produced with cobalt included cobalt violet, is known since 1859. Salvetat first described the preparation of cobalt violet in Comptes Rendus des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences XLVIII in an article titled, "Matieres minerales colorantes vertes et violettes." The dark variety is anhydrous cobalt phosphate which was made by mixing soluble cobalt salt with disodium phosphate. It was washed and then heated at a high temperature.

It is chemically stable, but its rather high cost and low tinting power prevented its wider use in paintings. Not unlike its older sister cobalt green, its drawbacks included high cost and weak coloring power, both of which limited its use among painters. It was quickly replaced by the cleaner, stronger pigment manganese violet.


Cobalt Violet Ultra-Dark is a synthetic inorganic pigment composed of calcined cobalt (II) oxide and phosphorus (V) oxide, forming an inter-diffused, homogeneous crystalline phosphate.

Permanence and Compatibility

Cobalt violet is considered to be very permanent but the light variety could change in oil due to the yellowing of linseed oil. It is compatible with all painting media. Their transparency, weak tinting strength, and high cost limited their use but their fastness to light made them more desirable than the older organic dye violets.

Oil Absorption and Grinding

Cobalt violet absorbs a moderate amount of oil (34 to 37 grams per 100 grams of pigment), which slows the drying of oil paint and hence is a moderate drying oil color. It disperses well in both oil- and water-based paints and is easy to mull by hand to a smooth paste.


Cobalt violet is not considered toxic, but care should be used in handling the dry powder pigment to avoid inhaling respirable dust particles.

More Information
BrandRublev Colours
VendorNatural Pigments
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Pigment TypeInorganic, Synthetic
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Cobalt Violet Ultra Dark Pigment
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