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Discover our curated selection of pigments for acrylic paint and mediums 

Rublev Colours Cadmium Yellow Deep PigmentRublev Colours Cadmium Yellow Deep Pigment
Rublev Colours Cadmium Yellow Deep Pigment

Explore a wide variety of pigments specifically curated for acrylic mediums, offering an extensive selection for artists and paint makers. It includes detailed information on different pigments, their properties, and how to use them to create custom acrylic paints.

Rublev Colours dry powder and aqueous dispersion pigments are made by Natural Pigments. Please read our description of Rublev Colours Pigments for more information. For information about the permanence and composition of Rublev Colours Pigments, visit Pigments Composition and Permanence.

Visit our Swatch and Pigment guide for details on Rublev Colours Pigments images and where to find pigment information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add pigment to acrylic paint?

Yes, you can add pigment to acrylic paint to modify or intensify the color. However, it's important to mix the pigment with an appropriate medium first to ensure even dispersion and to maintain the paint's consistency and drying properties.

How do you add color to acrylic paint?

Adding color to acrylic paint can be achieved by mixing in concentrated pigment, such as an aqueous pigment dispersion. Alternatively, you can add water to dry powder pigment and grind this mixture to a soft paste with a muller on glass or stone. You can add this concentrate to your acrylic medium or paint. Always ensure that the additional pigments or paints are compatible with acrylics to prevent any adverse effects on the texture or drying time.

What do you mix with pigment to make paint?

To make paint from pigment, mix the pigment with a binder corresponding to the type of paint you're making. For acrylics, an acrylic polymer medium is used as the binder. This combination creates a paint that can be applied to various surfaces.

How do you add pigment to acrylic medium?

Adding pigment to an acrylic medium involves carefully mixing a dry pigment with the medium until a smooth, consistent color is achieved. It's advisable to grind the pigment in small increments to ensure complete dispersion without clumps.

What can I add to pigment to make acrylic paint?

To make acrylic paint from pigment, add the pigment to an acrylic polymer medium. This medium acts as a binder that adheres the pigment to the painting surface and gives the paint its consistency and drying characteristics.

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