Warm Earth Tones Dispersions Set

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Rublev Colours Warm Earth Tone Set contains four earth two fluid-ounce pigment dispersions in one convenient set. Aqueous Dispersions are pigments dispersed in water ready to be mixed with water-based mediums.


Rublev Colours Aqueous Dispersions are pigments dispersed in water ready to be mixed with water-based mediums. These dispersions are specially made for use with traditional painting mediums, such as egg tempera, casein tempera, fresco, watercolors, and distemper (glue tempera). They are also ideally suited for use with gesso to make toned grounds for drawing and painting. Pigment dispersions from Rublev Colours contain only naturally-derived ingredients, in addition to pigment and water, making them ideally suited for traditional mediums. Unlike other pigment dispersions that are typically made for acrylic medium, Rublev Colours Aqueous Dispersions do not contain coalescent solvents, artificial dispersing resins, and other additives that interfere with natural mediums. Aqueous Dispersions make preparing traditional mediums easy; you do not have to hassle with powders, grinding pigments in medium, and calculating binder ratios to make water-based paint. They make adding the right amount of paint binder, such as egg yolk, a no-brainer because the right amount of water is already contained in the dispersion, simply add egg yolk.

Primary Set includes one 2 fl oz bottle each of:

Color NameBottlePrice
Verona Green Earth aqueous pigment dispersion is the mineral glauconite, a greenish earth of hydrated iron potassium silicate. Highly prized by painters, our Verona Green is a warm, bright green earth from mines near Mount Baldo, Italy.2 fl oz$11.00
Lemon Ocher aqueous pigment dispersion is a natural yellow iron oxide hydroxide mineral (goethite) from quarries in northern Italy. It is a bright yellow in tints and washes that is transparent2 fl oz$16.50
Ercolano Red aqueous pigment dispersion is a natural earth-containing clay tinted by iron oxide that gives an exceptionally warm red hue. Ercolano red is obtained from iron ore deposits near Ercolano, Italy.2 fl oz$13.20
Italian Brown Ocher (Goethite) aqueous pigment dispersion is from deposits in northern Italy. Our brown ocher pigment is finely ground and exhibits a reddish brown masstone. It has good tinting strength and covering power.2 fl oz$13.20
We may substitute any color in this set with an equal or higher-priced color.
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Warm Earth Tones Dispersions Set
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