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Rublev Colours Oil Painting MediumsOil Painting Mediums alter the working properties of paint. Although called “mediums,” mediums typically are composed of a binder and sometimes a solvent. Additives, on the other hand, consist of solvents, oils, waxes, resins, extender pigments and other substances that are used to change the consistency of paint. Here you will find oil panting additives (or as we prefer to call them “amendments”) made by Natural Pigments. These amendments are designed to alter the consistency of oil paint in novel ways, different from the varnishes that were introduced into common use during the 19th century.

Painting amendments change the handling properties of paint, such as flow out and leveling; increase or decrease tackiness and drag; hasten or retard drying time, increase or decrease gloss, increase transparency, or other characteristics.

Oil Paint Amendments Suggested Uses

Amendment Glazing Impasto Oiling Out Drying Time*
Oleogel Best Yes Best 2
Oleoresgel Best Yes Best 3
Walnut Oil Gel Best Yes Best 1
Epoxide Oil Gel Best Yes Best 3
Wilson's Medium Best Yes Best 4
Italian Varnish Best Yes Yes 3
Venetian Medium Best Yes Yes 4
Impasto Medium Yes Best No 2
Velázquez Medium Yes Best No 2
Balsam Essential Oil Medium Best No No 3
Rublev Colours Oil Mediums Best No Yes 2–4
Underpainting Transparent Base1 No Yes No 5

*Drying Time: 1 for slowest and 5 fastest. Drying time is the amount of time it takes for oil paint to be dry to the touch after application. The paint, however, remains vulnerable to damage from wiping or brushing. As oil paint dries, its solid components adhere to each other, a process called 'curing'. When fully cured, you can apply another layer of paint without fear of harm, wrinkling or cracking. For example, oil paint may dry within 6–8 hours, but cure in 3–7 days.

1 Underpainting Transparent Base dries very quickly to a matte surface making it ideally suited for underpainting.

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62 Products


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