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A paste medium of finely ground calcite in bodied linseed oil. Use to extend paint and form impastos while making paint longer. Softer than Impasto Medium, Velázquez Medium makes colors slightly transparent, allowing greater control over tints without whites. Can be thinned with solvent or oil. Solvent free.

Velázquez Medium is a flowing paste that makes colors slightly transparent while allowing you to build impasted, thick paint applications. When added to oil paint, it does not alter the color temperature. It can be thinned with solvent or oil. Depending upon the proportion added to the paint, it does not affect the drying time significantly. Velázquez Medium is softer and ‘longer’* than Impasto Medium, which is ‘short’ or buttery.

Velázquez Medium does not contain stearates, solvents, driers, or natural or synthetic resins, so it is safe to add to oil paint without the worry of cracking or delaminating.

*Long refers to the consistency of paint that displays tall peaks when a palette knife is pressed to its surface and lifted. Long paint is also described as “ropy” and refers to a stringy quality, like honey. Paint that behaves in this way is said to have long rheology. Short rheology refers to paint that exhibits a more buttery consistency, typical of most commercial oil paint. Rheology studies how substances flow, such as liquids and soft solids, that flow rather than deform elastically.

Rublev Colours Velazquez Medium -- Oil Painting Medium

Velázquez Medium is a calcite-rich oil-painting medium.

The soft white paste has little effect on color, making them less opaque and slightly less saturated. Use it to build thick applications of paint.

Rublev Colours Velazquez Medium and Impasto Medium

Comparing Impasto Medium (top left) and Velázquez Medium (top right) shows the different handling characteristics added to the paint.

Velázquez Medium slightly increases the transparency of colors while introducing flow-out and leveling. These properties allow you to create fine detail in impasto or thick paint easily. Although the paint becomes long when Velázquez Medium is added, it holds brushstrokes well. In the above example, when added to green earth artist oil (bottom center), the mixture of Impasto Medium (bottom left) extends the color and consistency. In contrast, the mixture with Velázquez Medium (bottom right) gives the paint a long, ropy consistency.


Mix Velázquez Medium directly into your paint right on the palette.

Velázquez Medium is a great way to add calcite to your paint. Add Velázquez Medium and linseed oil directly to pigment powder until you obtain a stiff paste (almost the consistency of putty). Grind the paste with a muller on a flat surface before storing it in a collapsible tube. Some of its properties will be temporarily lost when grinding Velázquez Medium with a muller but should be restored when allowed to stand.

Health and Safety

Based on the toxicological review, there are no acute or known chronic health hazards with the anticipated use of this product. Always protect yourself against potentially unknown chronic hazards of this and other chemical products by avoiding ingestion, excessive skin contact, and inhalation of spraying mists, sanding dust, and concentrated vapors. Contact us for further information or consult the MSDS for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Venetian Medium?

Venetian Medium is a traditional oil painting medium based on a mixture of linseed oil, turpentine, and mastic resin. It enhances gloss and has a strong leveling quality, ideal for fine details and smooth paint applications in oil painting. Rublev Colours Venetian Mdium is an oil painting gel medium based on linseed oil, turpentine, and crystal leaded glass but without mastic resin and its associated risk of cracking.

What is the best medium for thickening oil paint?

The best medium for thickening oil paint is typically a paste medium, such as an alkyd or oil impasto medium. These mediums maintain the integrity of the paint, add texture, and can speed up drying time while maintaining the paint's richness and color.

What is the best thickener for oil paint?

The best thickeners for oil paint are impasto mediums, which are made from oils and extender pigments. They add body to the paint, allowing for thick applications without altering the paint's color or drying properties.

How long does it take for impasto oil paint to dry?

The drying time for impasto oil paint can vary widely, depending on the thickness of the application and the environment. Generally, it can take from a few days to several weeks for the surface to dry to the touch and several months to fully cure to aa hard paint film.

Why is my oil painting still wet after a week?

Oil paintings can remain wet for a week or longer due to the slow-drying nature of oil paints. Environmental factors like humidity, temperature, and the thickness of the paint layer can also influence drying time.

Why does my oil painting look dry?

Oil paintings may look “dry” if the oil has been absorbed by the underlying layers or the support, such as canvas or wood, leading to a matte appearance. This can be remedied by using bodied linseed oil or an oil medium to restore the luster.

Do oil paintings ever fully dry?

Yes, oil paintings do fully dry, but the process can take several months to a year or more. The drying process is a result of oxidation, which slowly hardens the oil paint over time.

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