Comparison of Grounds for Tempera Painting

The artist Koo Schadler made an extensive comparison of grounds for egg tempera. She compared seven different grounds using six criteria developed for egg tempera painting.

By Koo Schadler

Each ground was tested for its receptivity and reaction to (A) layered, cross-hatched brushstrokes, (B) sponged-on paint, (C) a petit lac (puddle of paint) applied over cross-hatching, (D) water drops left on a painted surface, (E) lines etched into ground, and (F) metalpoint drawing.

For each test, all grounds were subjected to the same drying times.

Koo Schadler Egg Tempera Grounds Test Panel

Koo Schadler Egg Tempera Grounds Test Panel


Grounds For Egg Tempera
Italicized quotes represent how the product is advertised
# of coats and how applied
Sandability 1
1 (poor) to 10 (excellent)
Overall Suitability 2
1 (poor) to 10 (excellent)
Traditional Gesso
(Chalk and animal glue)
Six coats with a brush 10
Best working properties
Rublev Colours Tempera Ground
(Natural Pigments)
Six coats with a brush goes on well 8
Very good, a bit hard
Not quite as good as Traditional Gesso, a bit more prone to lifting, but overall very good. Benefits: Not hygroscopic, convenient
Golden Absorbent Gesso (White)
“…is not intended as a gesso alternative.”
“…artists should fully test any procedure before using.”
Six relatively thick coats applied by trowel, smoother than brush application 1
Very poor, tore
Not sandable, paint muddles, and tends to lift.
Golden Hard Sandable Gesso (White)
“…test each application to ensure requirements are met.”
Six relatively thick coats
Did not trowel well.
Smoother with brush
Sandable, smooth surface achievable, but very hard to sand
Hard to sand, paint lifts.
Good ground for metal points.
Art Board Gesso
“…the perfect ground…for egg tempera”
Six relatively thick coats
applied by trowel, smoother than brush application
Very good, a bit hard
Paints muddy and lifts readily.
Good ground for metalpoint.
Sinopia Casein Gesso
“…the optimum surface for…egg tempera”
Eight thin coats
Both brush and trowel left paint significant marks on the surface.
Poor; tore
Hard to sand, etched lines tore; muddies and lifts readily.
Ampersand Clayboard
particularly receptive to….[egg tempera]”
Pre-made boards Not applicable; already smooth 3
Paint lifts readily.


1. Sandability is the capacity to make a ground perfectly smooth. Egg Tempera is a very thin and telegraphic medium; all underlying textures tend to telegraph through paint layers and, if apparent and disruptive, can distract from an image. Creating a perfectly smooth ground is essential to most ET painters.

2. All grounds responded well, with no lifting, to applying thick, sponged paint. Where lifting is noted, it occurred when multiple layers of watered-down paint were applied with a brush in relatively quick succession. The building of multiple layers of paint is essential to most working methods in egg tempera; doing so quickly helps the process. Grounds to which I gave a poor rating may work well for other working methods; individual testing is recommended, as artists have different goals and ways of working.

© 2017 Koo Schadler

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