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Founded in 2003, Natural Pigment's mission is to provide the largest selection of rare and difficult-to-find artists materials and to promote the understanding and use of these materials among artists. Read more...

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Rublev Colours Lead White #1 is the best tubed white lead I've ever used. Virgil Elliott swears by it, too. I compared it to a small amount of freshly ground white lead mixed with linseed oil. I made sure my grind was the same consistency as your tube white. Your tube white was just as good as what I made. I've been using it every day since. It is better than any other white lead I've ever used.
- William Whitaker, Provo, Utah

One thing I want to tell without sounding overly dramatic—your paints have changed my life, at least my artistic life. The mediums you have produced—Rublev Colours Oleogel and Venetian Medium in particular have opened up artistic possibilities that I had never suspected existed. They are thixotropic and have an open time that enables me to return to work for a couple days, which makes a huge difference for me in the practice. When I was working with Maroger, the window was about 6 hours, and after that either I had to glaze or scrap everything and start anew. Thanks so much for coming up with these incredible products!
- Francisco Benitez, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I personally love the entire line of Rublev Colours oil paints. I love every product I try for their unique characteristics and specific color. I am also hopelessly addicted to Rublev Colours Lead White #2 and will need to use it for the rest of my life. I may form an addiction help group for the product, Lead White Anonymous or something to that effect because it is beyond my adoration for any other paint or product—it is now essential to my working process and I will have a fit if I run out.
- Candice Bohannon, Auburn, California

Your products and services are of the highest integrity. The oil colors are lovely—great handling and saturation. My wife and I are both artists and we will definitely be buying more of your oil paints!
- Julio Reyes, Auburn, California

With the colors I have on my palette from Rublev Colours, I can pretty well handle whatever is thrown at me. The most magical of these colors for me are Lead White #2, Naples Yellow, Molybdate Orange, Vermilion and Lazurite. They're magic I tell you.
- Ryan Brown, Springville, Utah

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